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Anna Pavlova

April 17, 2017

Anna Pavolva Cohen

Anna Pavlova
4/29/2005 – 4/5/2017

Anna passed away peacefully weeks before her twelfth birthday.
A diabetic, she tolerated daily injections by her owner’s best ability.
Anna like her namesake, Anna Pavlova, famous Russian ballerina, was a diva.
At home, she was a complete love!! She laid down on command, sat for treats,
and gave kisses upon request. She enjoyed sitting on the patio “Al fresco.”
Inside, she preferred faux fur rugs and imported Italian blankets.
A domestic long hair she mimicked a Russian fur coat.
Sunday’s often were spent listening to “Il Divo” radio on Pandora.
Sadly, Andrea Boccelli sang “Time to say goodbye.”
Anna was predeceased by her sibling, Natasha of Madison.

If tears are considered a tribute then I have honored her memory.
I miss you, my dear sweet Anna. The heart does go on.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Della Monica and Dr. Nordt for their care of Anna Pavlova.
The extraordinary care and compassion of the entire staff of Guilford Veterinary Hospital makes the difference at a time of loss of a pet.
Thank you all!


March 17, 2017

Nicki Alfiero


Born: 8/8/04
Died: 3/7/17

Thank you, Nicki, for being such an amazing girl – so kind, so loving, so attentive. What a gentle and loving soul. You gave us such joy for so long and we are all grateful for that. We loved watching you catch the frisbee, swim in the pond, chase seagull shadows at the beach. We will miss you terribly. There will never be another like you.

We will love you always!


February 23, 2017


DOB: 09/01/2003
Passed away: 02/13/2017

You weren’t supposed to leave us yet. We know that you were having some problems walking and climbing stairs but so were we! But anytime you saw another dog or another person or you went out in the snow, you acted like a puppy. We’ll always miss you and always love you. You were the best dog ever.

Steve & Tina


January 30, 2017

MAYA Tamariz.JPG

Dec 2004-Jan 17, 2016

After 13 years together it was time for Maya to go. How did I love her! We lived so many adventures together. I was so fortunate to have her in my life. Maya, rescued from the streets was only about 3 months and had a very uncertain destiny, I am so happy to had been able to give her a good life and make her so happy! She loved the water and the snow. My heart misses her so bad as so as Griseta.


January 26, 2017


8/9/2002 – 1/20/2017
Summer words aren’t enough to express how much you were loved and how there
will never be another beautiful little Diva like you. You are a rockstar,
fighting diabetes for so many years. We can’t thank the whole team at
Guilford Vet enough for the love and support. You are with your brother
Rudolph and he is keeping you safe and warm. You are the wind beneath my
wings, Summer, just like daddy and mommy would tell you.

You are in our hearts

Sosa and McGwire

December 16, 2016

Sosa and McGwire

February 27, 1999 – December 7, 2016

Brothers until the very end.
We miss you. xxx

“For he will do
As he do do
And there’s no doing anything about it!”
T.S. Eliot, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Tyrone Kent

October 7, 2016


Tyrone Kent
June 1, 2009 – September 14, 2016

You came into our house in the summer of 2009 as a tiny kitten when our other cats, Phoebe and Bengali were 4 years old. Within two weeks the three of you were best friends. You were such a playful cat that loved heights and thus loved to sit on our fireplace mantle or on any high cabinet.

Your never ending curiosity and playfulness will be missed. Your presence brightened our lives. We are glad you are no longer in pain. May you rest easy my little man. We will miss you.

Love, Adrienne, Beth, Bob, and Erika