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May 1, 2015


5/15/2008 – 4/26/2015

For my Angel, she was put to sleep on Sunday, April 26th. I want to thank all of you for helping myself, my husband, my brother and my family for helping us keep Angel alive as long as we could. Dr. Ackles and Dr. Soucy, thank you for always taking the time to talk to me and comforting my tears of sorrow. I had high hopes that she would have lived longer, but let me know when it was her time. Saturday, the day before she died, was not a very good day for her, and Sunday was worse. My brother called to say she was not good (she stayed with him and my mom on weekends) and it was time for him to bring her by my house to say goodbye. She came running out of the car to give me hugs and kisses, that was her way to say “thank you, I will be at peace now.”

I will always love her and know that I will hold on to her memories forever. She was a very special dog. I will always be grateful for the help and support I received at GVH.

Forever, Valerie


April 14, 2015

hannah with hat

2/29/2000 ~ 4/11/2015

There is a space on my chair not vacant before,

There is a bark that I miss meaning ‘Open the door’.

Dark eyes no longer watch my every move

and my knee feels quite cold without that soft paw.

But a heart full of memories I have by the score.

Mine were the first hands she knew in this world

and mine was the voice that she answered when called.

When ‘off colour’ and loving t’was my lap she warmed.

So when time had come for the final last rest —

T’was my arms that held her – we knew that was best…..

Mary Rees



April 2, 2015


11/2/1999 ~ 3/16/2015

Dogs leave pawprints on the floor, slobber on the windows, and dog biscuits hidden around the house. They also leave pawprints on our hearts. Max that is what you have done, left your pawprints on all of our hearts. Max, you loved us unconditionally all these years and for that we are so blessed. We miss you more than you know. We will meet again on the rainbow bridge.


Mom, Dad, Dan Dan, Nancy, Rebecca, Amanda, Ron, Minnie, and Lily.


March 18, 2015


2/3/2005 ~ 3/18/2015 

With very heavy hearts and many tears we said goodbye to our little girl, Gracie today. We love you, beh. We will miss your bright spirit, your feistiness and y…our loving us so unconditionally. Rocky will miss you cleaning his face and keeping him in line! Bella, Maggie and your daddy, Boss, waits for you on the rainbow bridge. Run free sweet girl, no more pain, no more struggle. XOXO

Deep appreciation to the staff at Guilford Vet especially Dr. Della Monica for taking such good care of our beloved Gracie.


Carol Archer &  Ann Harriman



March 12, 2015



Dear Staff of the Guilford Veterinary Hospital,

Thank you very much for the sympathy card, your understanding and kind words. That is very nice of you. And many thanks for all the help and assistance over the past months.

There is a big empty space here now that Neddy is gone.

Sincerely, John Plant


February 18, 2015


5/15/1999 – 12/23/2014


“We got you on a cold New year’s Eve. We loved you from the start, as you did us. We watched you grow and mature.


You loved all kinds of food, including Trout.


Hugs and Kisses and Boo Ghost made your tail wag.


You Hogged our bed, even though you had your own, we did not mind because it made you happy.


You loved walks along the shore and especially in Vermont, where you went every summer & Fall for thirteen years.


As you got older, your walks became slower and more careful. in heart you thought of yourself as a puppy, but in reality, you were gowning old. We understood  and were patient. In our hearts we knew there would come a day when we would lose you. That day came like a thief in the night. Just two days before Christmas, you were gone.


Our hearts are aching and we feel empty. We loved you so very much and always will. We often said that you chose us as much as we did you. Now you are an angel watching over us. Be happy our sweet girl. Thank you for all your years of love.


Rose & Karl


December 22, 2014


7/7/1999 ~ 12/22/2014

Directions to Neverland for Rascal:

“Second star on the right, and straight on ’til morning…”

J.M. Barrie, “Peter Pan”


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