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January 20, 2023


4/24/2007 – 12/29/2022

I loved you for your lifetime, 

each and every day. Purring for your affections, 

a cat knows no other way. 

I see you growing weary, no longer at your best. 

We know in our hearts…

it is your time to rest. 

There are a hundred reasons, 

why I love you so.

I find strength in this love, to gently let you go. 

You trust me as you always have, 

in caring hands until the end. 

You will no longer be suffering or in any pain again.

I’m comforted, it’s my last gift to you…my beautiful feline friend.

As you drift off peacefully, we share our last goodbyes. 

No doubts or regrets, just me by your side. 

You left me with your heart, 

as you crossed over to be free. 

I’ll wear it next to mine…for that’s where you will always be ❤️ 


January 25, 2022


April 18, 2007- January 13, 2022

Thank you Petey for 15 years of joy, loyalty, companionship, and unending love. How lucky I am to have been blessed with your curious, sensitive soul. Chris has been waiting for you. As soon as you closed your eyes, I know you jumped into his welcoming outstretched arms. I will carry you with me Petey, for always, as I do Christian.

I have both my “angel boys” watching over me. We will meet again one day, heralded by memories and forever-


January 5, 2022

Diesel Cofrancesco aka Diesie
September 1, 2011 – December 27, 2021

Diesel you’ve brought such joy to our family, you were the light of everyone’s life 2-legged and your 4-legged siblings (well most the time).

It was heartbreaking to let you go, but peaceful to know you’re not suffering any longer. Until we meet again you will always be in my heart and thoughts.


December 20, 2021


February 10th, 2010 – November 18th, 2021

Ashley was such a sentient being.

She just wanted to love!

We miss you, Ashley, so dearly.


December 17, 2021

July 5th 2005 – Dec 6th 2021

Sandy, I’m thankful for the sixteen years you were by my side.  You were a loyal, graceful, and strong-minded companion.  I’ll miss your smiling face and our long and sometimes vocal walks.  It was heartbreaking to see you leave, but we know your spirit now runs free.  You’ll always have a place our hearts!  Goodbye for now, and until we walk again…