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August 28, 2015


d.o.b 12-1-2004
d.o.d 8-21-2015
Rice was a loyal, lovable sweet boy that wouldn’t hurt a fly.
He was my best buddy for 10 years. No one was happier when I
came home than Rice was. He would bark then lay on his back to
receive belly rubs.  Rice would beg for cucumbers as I made salad.
Rice and I lived a lot of life together and he will be very missed.
I’m sure he’s frolicking happily getting all the belly rubs & cucumbers he could ever want… Mama loves you Ricey.


August 17, 2015



Toby Maiorino

May 1, 1999- July 7, 2015

Toby Maiorino, 16, passed away surrounded by his loving family. Toby was the son of Al and Ana Maiorino. Toby was a brother-like companion to Nicole, Andrew, Chris and Stephanie. Toby was born and raised in CT. He enjoyed sledding with his dad, swimming at Chaffinch Island in his young days, going on car rides and laying by the fire in the winter. In his later days he enjoyed spending his days at Kathi Forcello’s house playing tricks like tripping her and making messes. Toby served as a great first dog for Jill and Jess Forcello. Toby’s most memorable achievement was being awarded Pet of the Day at Guilford Vet in 2014. Toby is predeceased by his brother Henry, sister Lucy and bunny friend Sadie. Toby was a great role model to his younger sisters Lily and Sophie, teaching them to live life to the fullest.

Toby we will miss your company every night by the winter fire, every hike in the trails and every car ride to Chaffinch. We love you.

Mongo Jerry

August 17, 2015



Mongo Jerry, our beloved Mainecoon of 17 years is now with St. Francis of Assisi.  Mongo, our brave warrior, gave us unconditional love for 17 years, will be missed deeply.  Thanks to Tony DellaMonica, Linda and the GVH staff  for helping Mongo through the last 2 years.

Bernadette & Dan Hackett


June 22, 2015


10-4-1997 to 6-15-2015

Maxwell was a part of our family for 17 years, 8 months, and 11 days.  He stole our hearts and our unconditional love from the moment he entered our car for us to take him home, and he will continue to have a hold on our hearts long after his passing.  Maxwell showed our family unwavering and unconditional love every single day of his life through his warm cuddles and always energetic spirit.  Although we can no longer hold him in our arms anymore, we will hold the memory of him in our hearts forever.

Rest In Peace, Sir Maxwell Ross.

The Ross Family

Harley and Mickey

June 10, 2015


Mickey (9/26/2003-5/18/2015) & Harley (6/21/1999-5/7/2014)

We were very lucky to have our fur babies so long in our lives. We miss them very much. They gave us much happiness and love. I miss their big beautiful ears and giving them tummy rubs.

It is said that angels are just Papillons with wings. I believe that.

Lou & Nancy Colavolpe


May 1, 2015


5/15/2008 – 4/26/2015

For my Angel, she was put to sleep on Sunday, April 26th. I want to thank all of you for helping myself, my husband, my brother and my family for helping us keep Angel alive as long as we could. Dr. Ackles and Dr. Soucy, thank you for always taking the time to talk to me and comforting my tears of sorrow. I had high hopes that she would have lived longer, but let me know when it was her time. Saturday, the day before she died, was not a very good day for her, and Sunday was worse. My brother called to say she was not good (she stayed with him and my mom on weekends) and it was time for him to bring her by my house to say goodbye. She came running out of the car to give me hugs and kisses, that was her way to say “thank you, I will be at peace now.”

I will always love her and know that I will hold on to her memories forever. She was a very special dog. I will always be grateful for the help and support I received at GVH.

Forever, Valerie


April 14, 2015

hannah with hat

2/29/2000 ~ 4/11/2015

There is a space on my chair not vacant before,

There is a bark that I miss meaning ‘Open the door’.

Dark eyes no longer watch my every move

and my knee feels quite cold without that soft paw.

But a heart full of memories I have by the score.

Mine were the first hands she knew in this world

and mine was the voice that she answered when called.

When ‘off colour’ and loving t’was my lap she warmed.

So when time had come for the final last rest —

T’was my arms that held her – we knew that was best…..

Mary Rees



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