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Pickles Chapman

September 13, 2021

Pickles Chapman
6/10/2011 – 9/1/2021

10 years ago we were searching for a white labradoodle. We were looking into adoption options (which were impossible) and also breeders. After months of searching, a friend told us that she “found our dog” right here in Guilford. There was a family that was giving away a 4 month old labradoodle that their 2 year old daughter had named Pickles. I thought for sure we would change his name … but when we met him, he was just a Pickles-so, the name stuck!

Pickles fit right in with our family. His personality contained a little bit of each of ours. He was an empath like myself and the kids. He felt other’s pain deeply. He always knew when someone was sad or needed extra snuggles.

His love language was acts of service like his father, Mark. All he wanted to do was please us and do what we asked of him. He was rather sickly, like me, (lol) and always seemed to have an ailment. He had health issues from the time we got him, but we loved him none the less!

He was a quirky one – a water dog that hated water – even a puddle. He would bark at 5 am just so he could sit on his beloved front stoop and look out over the neighborhood. He greeted us with a smile whenever we came home or walked into a room. He became “famous” for his smile at our vet and groomer. He loved to lay by our shoes with his nose inside a shoe. He was slightly OCD and had a little routine that he had to do before eating his food. He loved having his butt rubbed and in return would do a little dance the kids called his “butt rub dance”.

He came into our lives 10 years ago when our family needed him the most.. He was with us when we were feeling sick, when we were scared, and when we were crying from the loss of a loved one. I am so glad that we could do all of those things for him.

I am eternally grateful that we could say goodbye to him as we did hello to him, together as a family.

Our lives have been changed forever because you were in it Mr. Pickles. You opened our hearts and certainly took a piece of it with you.

Rest easy my sweet boy, until we meet again.

The Chapman Family

Cassie and Susie

April 21, 2021

Cassie (left) and her sister Susie (right) were born in 2000.  Inseparable since they were little, the sisters spent many of their days cuddling up with one another, playing with their toys, and chasing each other around the house.  They were both friendly, loving, and very happy to sit and relax in someone’s lap.  They were loved by so many and meant so much to everyone they came in contact with.  Susie passed away peacefully in 2015.  Her sister Cassie passed away peacefully in 2021.  Both lived long and happy lives and will forever live in the hearts of all who had the pleasure of being around them. 

Thank you so much for everything, 

The Pierce Family  

Espinita (Nita) Valley

January 8, 2021

Espinita (Nita) Valley

5/2/2002 – 1/2/2021

Nita, you were the smartest dog we have ever known.  You will always be our “Baby Dog.”
Rest in Peace Miss.

David and Nancy Valley


December 5, 2020

1/12/04 – 12/5/2019
In memoriam of our beautiful girl Bootsy of 17 years who left us one year ago today.
It still feels like yesterday.
We love and miss you dearly!


October 22, 2020


6/10/2010 – 10/15/2020

Ten years was never going to be enough with Ali – our hearts are broken. She lived a great life in those ten years; there was never a day where she wasn’t overjoyed to be in the presence of her humans. Her favorite activities were hiking, car rides for ice cream, and being anywhere she could get everyone’s attention. Even in her last days, she had a lust for life and a tail wag for her humans. There will never be another dog as special as she was. Thank you for the ten years we spent together, and we will never forget them. We’d also like to thank GVH for their kindness during this time and the Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine for giving us the 2 extra years we got with her.