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March 23, 2018




March 15, 2018


Violet Buchannon

Dear Violet,

 There will never be another like you. You belonged with us from the moment Dad first met you in the shelter. You were always watching with keen eyes, smarter than anyone else in the room. Every activity was supervised and you did not hesitate to voice your disapproval when things weren’t up to your standard. After you could no longer walk you demanded to be carried to the center of the action so you could keep an eye on things – no one else could do it better. You handled your decline with a grace none of us could ever manage. You knew we were trying to help and showed such patience with us, your loyal staff. We will never forget your battles with the garden hose, your preference for going backward in your cart, your astonishment the first time you saw the windows open, and your militant crusade against everything and everyone on wheels. You were the perfect sister for Ginger, a quiet buddy for Autumn, and a remarkable dog for us.

 We weren’t quite your equals (no one is) but we loved you very much.

Bruce, Laura, Mary, and Ben

Dosey Doe

March 15, 2018

Born on 2/14/1998 and passed on 3/2/18

Our dear Dosey Doe passed on quietly like she lived her life.  Her name was given to her because she did little circles before going out the door to our secure gated deck to enjoy the fresh air when the weather was good.  The two days before her passing she got to do this once more.  We thought she would be around longer to enjoy it again.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  The famous James Steward once wrote a poem about the passing of his dog and how after he passed he thought he could still feel him come up on the bed beside him at night and would reach out to touch his fur but, sadly he wasn’t there.  That is how it feels for us.  She was always with us on the sofa and greeted us every morning in the bedroom.  We know our  beloved son was there to greet her on the other side and he is taking care of her as he does our other pets that have passed. We miss you every day and will always love you.  We would also like to thank Dr. DellaMonica for helping us with her passing and being so understanding and kind.  Thank you to the staff also for the support.

Love, Mama and Dad


January 2, 2018

Piper red sand c

Date of birth: 11/26/2004
Date of death: 12/23/2017

Such a good doggy, well-behaved, huggable, and kissable.


December 28, 2017


Date of Birth: May 16th, 2004
Date of Death: December 15th, 2017

Dear Ginger,

Sweet funny girl, we will miss you so much. You had such a presence and spirit – never offended, always ready for fun, and always in the middle of whatever was happening. Walking with you was like walking with a celebrity. We will remember you poking at Paws when he was trying to rest, barking to play football even when it was the middle of the night, barging into closed rooms, lying down on top of whatever it was we needed to use at that moment, deflating soccer balls, sitting on Autumn and then growling at him because he was then too close to you, eating the interior of the car, jumping into the Barcalounger, standing on the end table, welcoming Violet into your home, and bringing happiness and joy to so many people. You made everything better. We love you and wish we could have had you with us for so much longer.

Laura, Bruce, Mary, Ben, and Violet


December 19, 2017


Maegan Mae
December 4, 2004 – December 7, 2017
Run free, sweet girl.  Meet me at the rainbow.


October 23, 2017

IMG_4672 copy


Birth: September 10, 2001
Death: October 14, 2017

Our wonderful Cleo will forever be in our hearts.