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December 19, 2017


Maegan Mae
December 4, 2004 – December 7, 2017
Run free, sweet girl.  Meet me at the rainbow.


October 23, 2017

IMG_4672 copy


Birth: September 10, 2001
Death: October 14, 2017

Our wonderful Cleo will forever be in our hearts.



September 19, 2017

AutumnInMITChairName: Autumn
Date of Birth: ~2001
Date of Death: September 3rd, 2017

Dear Autumn,

You will never be forgotten or replaced. We have a thousand memories and stories of your invincible spirit, your soulful expressions, and your sweet, funny, dachshund heart. You were one of a kind, and we love you so very much. We will remember you frolicking around the yard, groaning during long car trips, sitting bundled up in your MIT chair, running in and out of your house during meal prep, sleeping in front of your warm vent, sporting your winter coats, and getting stuck in corners. Mr. Dachshund Esquire, “Not Any Blade of Grass Will Do”, the Supinator, Dad’s Only Defender Against the Mastiff, The Brave One, The Little Boy…we love you and miss you.

Mary, Dad, Ben, Laura, and the rest of your pack


August 14, 2017

20160622_141833 (1)
Boo was my most comforting friend, companion, & yes, protector. He never failed to cheer me with his cuddles, kisses & unconditional love. Bailey you my friend are missed so much, love you always.
“If love could have saved you sweet boy you would have lived forever.”

       Forever in our hearts & always loved.
Mom Pamela & Dad Roger


June 8, 2017


Sophie for Pet Memorial

Birth: March 1, 2003
Death: May 23, 2017
Our sweet little Soph, beautiful inside and out.



April 29, 2017


Neko, you had humble beginnings as a tiny shelter kitty infested with ear mites but you quickly left  your mark on our home and our hearts.  Our beloved Doberman, Shelby, quaked as you stole her food, toys and often climbed on her neck and yes, bit her!  You let everyone know, you were the boss.

Lily, our Labrador, didn’t escape your wrath either.  For no apparent reason you would just decide to pick a fight with her.  Eleven pounds of spitfire would send a 70 pound dog running to mommy to protect her.  But in reality, you were best buds.  You let Lily sleep in YOUR crate, and you even let her carry you around in her mouth when she was a puppy.

Admittedly, we were searching for a mouser when we adopted you and you failed miserably in this realm. The one mouse, one mole, and one newborn mouse, sorry – doesn’t count – just didn’t cut it.  We loved you anyway.

While you did not go through all nine of your lives, you were a fighter.  As a kitten, you had a heart murmur, at ten you earned the nickname “million dollar kitty” when you fought off a huge bladder stone and hyperthyroidism at the same time.   You ruined a couch by peeing on it – you couldn’t help it but boy, did it stink.  Daddy banned you from the new couch but we used to have a secret; after he went to sleep, you used to come on the couch and curl up with me.  You knew to wait until he went to bed.

Oh, you were so sick at that time, but such a trooper.  A few years later, some horrible stomach condition  left you on medication for the rest of your life.  You were tough.  You survived it all and still looked beautiful til your final day with your purple vet wrap with the sparkles.

You were a diva.  You knew you were beautiful and you let everyone know it.  You were proud of how pretty you were.  Somehow you let everyone know that even in your final hours.  We will miss you terribly.  Enjoy your time with Shelby at the Rainbow Bridge.  Don’t bite her too much and don’t steal all of her food – she was a good dog and she loved you too.

Anna Pavlova

April 17, 2017

Anna Pavolva Cohen

Anna Pavlova
4/29/2005 – 4/5/2017

Anna passed away peacefully weeks before her twelfth birthday.
A diabetic, she tolerated daily injections by her owner’s best ability.
Anna like her namesake, Anna Pavlova, famous Russian ballerina, was a diva.
At home, she was a complete love!! She laid down on command, sat for treats,
and gave kisses upon request. She enjoyed sitting on the patio “Al fresco.”
Inside, she preferred faux fur rugs and imported Italian blankets.
A domestic long hair she mimicked a Russian fur coat.
Sunday’s often were spent listening to “Il Divo” radio on Pandora.
Sadly, Andrea Boccelli sang “Time to say goodbye.”
Anna was predeceased by her sibling, Natasha of Madison.

If tears are considered a tribute then I have honored her memory.
I miss you, my dear sweet Anna. The heart does go on.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Della Monica and Dr. Nordt for their care of Anna Pavlova.
The extraordinary care and compassion of the entire staff of Guilford Veterinary Hospital makes the difference at a time of loss of a pet.
Thank you all!