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December 28, 2017


Date of Birth: May 16th, 2004
Date of Death: December 15th, 2017

Dear Ginger,

Sweet funny girl, we will miss you so much. You had such a presence and spirit – never offended, always ready for fun, and always in the middle of whatever was happening. Walking with you was like walking with a celebrity. We will remember you poking at Paws when he was trying to rest, barking to play football even when it was the middle of the night, barging into closed rooms, lying down on top of whatever it was we needed to use at that moment, deflating soccer balls, sitting on Autumn and then growling at him because he was then too close to you, eating the interior of the car, jumping into the Barcalounger, standing on the end table, welcoming Violet into your home, and bringing happiness and joy to so many people. You made everything better. We love you and wish we could have had you with us for so much longer.

Laura, Bruce, Mary, Ben, and Violet

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