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April 29, 2017


Neko, you had humble beginnings as a tiny shelter kitty infested with ear mites but you quickly left  your mark on our home and our hearts.  Our beloved Doberman, Shelby, quaked as you stole her food, toys and often climbed on her neck and yes, bit her!  You let everyone know, you were the boss.

Lily, our Labrador, didn’t escape your wrath either.  For no apparent reason you would just decide to pick a fight with her.  Eleven pounds of spitfire would send a 70 pound dog running to mommy to protect her.  But in reality, you were best buds.  You let Lily sleep in YOUR crate, and you even let her carry you around in her mouth when she was a puppy.

Admittedly, we were searching for a mouser when we adopted you and you failed miserably in this realm. The one mouse, one mole, and one newborn mouse, sorry – doesn’t count – just didn’t cut it.  We loved you anyway.

While you did not go through all nine of your lives, you were a fighter.  As a kitten, you had a heart murmur, at ten you earned the nickname “million dollar kitty” when you fought off a huge bladder stone and hyperthyroidism at the same time.   You ruined a couch by peeing on it – you couldn’t help it but boy, did it stink.  Daddy banned you from the new couch but we used to have a secret; after he went to sleep, you used to come on the couch and curl up with me.  You knew to wait until he went to bed.

Oh, you were so sick at that time, but such a trooper.  A few years later, some horrible stomach condition  left you on medication for the rest of your life.  You were tough.  You survived it all and still looked beautiful til your final day with your purple vet wrap with the sparkles.

You were a diva.  You knew you were beautiful and you let everyone know it.  You were proud of how pretty you were.  Somehow you let everyone know that even in your final hours.  We will miss you terribly.  Enjoy your time with Shelby at the Rainbow Bridge.  Don’t bite her too much and don’t steal all of her food – she was a good dog and she loved you too.

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