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Anna Pavlova

April 17, 2017

Anna Pavolva Cohen

Anna Pavlova
4/29/2005 – 4/5/2017

Anna passed away peacefully weeks before her twelfth birthday.
A diabetic, she tolerated daily injections by her owner’s best ability.
Anna like her namesake, Anna Pavlova, famous Russian ballerina, was a diva.
At home, she was a complete love!! She laid down on command, sat for treats,
and gave kisses upon request. She enjoyed sitting on the patio “Al fresco.”
Inside, she preferred faux fur rugs and imported Italian blankets.
A domestic long hair she mimicked a Russian fur coat.
Sunday’s often were spent listening to “Il Divo” radio on Pandora.
Sadly, Andrea Boccelli sang “Time to say goodbye.”
Anna was predeceased by her sibling, Natasha of Madison.

If tears are considered a tribute then I have honored her memory.
I miss you, my dear sweet Anna. The heart does go on.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Della Monica and Dr. Nordt for their care of Anna Pavlova.
The extraordinary care and compassion of the entire staff of Guilford Veterinary Hospital makes the difference at a time of loss of a pet.
Thank you all!

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