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April 4, 2016



Pancake AKA Frecklepuss, Panny, Kitty Koo, Little Kitty Witty….you shredded our furniture, you left your fur everywhere. Two of the four of us were allergic to you. You ate and ate and ate. Everything. Like a dog, you lurked under the table. Once, we even saw you eat a pea. And a piece of broccoli.

But we loved you. Your spirit, your attitude.  Your kittyness.  Your willingness to let us dress you in all sorts of costumes.  Your interest in chess, go fish, and monopoly. You endeared yourself to everyone you met-friends, strangers, even the mailman.  We miss you but we know you lived a good life, and wherever you are now, you are probably still raising heck.  Shine on, Pancake!

Gratitude to Dr. Pixton, Dr. DeAngelo and Linda Abrams at Guilford Vet.

The Borden-Szekeres family and your fur sister Shannon

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