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October 23, 2015

LB-Summer July 2015 034



 LB was a wonderful little cat who lived a great, long life.  He loved lying in the sun, much like his mother, and would curl up next to me on the floor to soak up the rays.  No glass of water was safe in my place.  If left unattended, he would make your glass his glass and stick his face right in there.  Every night when I went to bed, LB was there.  We had a routine, he’d come and curl up right next to me and put his head and his paws right on my face.  It was a bit hard to breathe, but worth having my cute little man snuggled up with me.  I’m going to miss my little guy more than anything.  I know his little sister, Tibbles, was there to greet him upon his arrival.  I’m sure LB is chasing Tibbles around and driving her crazy right now, like he always used to.  Love you little Bum Bums!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at GVH and to my most amazing doctor, Dr. Nordt, for everything!  I’ll miss seeing you guys every week.


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