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August 17, 2015



Toby Maiorino

May 1, 1999- July 7, 2015

Toby Maiorino, 16, passed away surrounded by his loving family. Toby was the son of Al and Ana Maiorino. Toby was a brother-like companion to Nicole, Andrew, Chris and Stephanie. Toby was born and raised in CT. He enjoyed sledding with his dad, swimming at Chaffinch Island in his young days, going on car rides and laying by the fire in the winter. In his later days he enjoyed spending his days at Kathi Forcello’s house playing tricks like tripping her and making messes. Toby served as a great first dog for Jill and Jess Forcello. Toby’s most memorable achievement was being awarded Pet of the Day at Guilford Vet in 2014. Toby is predeceased by his brother Henry, sister Lucy and bunny friend Sadie. Toby was a great role model to his younger sisters Lily and Sophie, teaching them to live life to the fullest.

Toby we will miss your company every night by the winter fire, every hike in the trails and every car ride to Chaffinch. We love you.

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